Facts About Sultans

Sultans have ruled over many dynasties, empires and nations all over the world. There are some facts people don’t know about sultans. Some of these facts are:


1. The last sultan


Mehmed IV who reigned for four years only was the last of the Ottoman sultan. He took over at the end of World War I when the empire was in rapid decline. As his reign ended, the Ottoman Empire was dissolved and Mehmed IV was exiled making history as the only Sultan to rule.


2. Sex


Ibrahim was quite obsessed with sex to an extent he formulated his own theories about pleasure. For instance, he once came across the vulva of a cow and he could not fathom whether pleasure was related to one’s size. He sent his messengers to look for the largest woman for the experiment. The woman whom the messengers brought weighed 330 pounds and he ended up being his favored concubine. Ibrahim also made his royal palace a wild orgy by having mirrors throughout the castle and chasing naked women in his garden. However, he was very jealous because he drowned 278 concubines in the Bosphorus Strait with a suspicion one of them was being unfaithful.


3. Greed for power


After the death of Ahmed I, his favorite woman named Kosem took reins of Ottoman Empire. She was merciless and disposed of her political enemies with ease. This made her the most powerful woman in the history of the empire. However, she was killed by the mother of one of her grandsons. Kosem was very powerful and merciless to a point the Ottomans decided never to allow women to rule the empire again!


4. Silly moves


Ottoman Empire faced downfall as a result of bad moves from Mehmed V. Mehmed V got involved in the First Balkan War followed by the First World War. As one of the silly moves, Mehmed V declared Jihad against all allied powers in the year 1914. This turned out to be one of the wrong moves he made because the allies fought back resulting in the empire facing real hard times.


Abdul Hamid II, on the other hand, modernized the Ottoman Empire as well as the region of Anatolia. Since the empire was struggling, Hamid II dissolved the parliament and asserted himself as the supreme leader of the empire. He used to silence those who oppose him by using the secret police. He went further and committed genocide against the Armenians although this genocide also encompassed Christians and Greeks too.


5. The leader of the pack


Osman Gazi, who enjoys ground turmeric health benefits, is responsible for establishing the Ottoman dynasty. In fact, the empire is named after him because Ottoman is derived from Osman. Gazi was the leader of Ottoman Turks and he was from Bithynia in N. Anatolia.


Murad I, a grandson of Osman Gazi brought the Ottoman dynasty into Europe and succeeded in establishing the sultanate. As time went on, he expanded into the Balkans forcing the Byzantine Emperor to pay tribute to him. However, when Murad I died in battle with the Serbs, the empire withdrew back to their roots and focused on taking over the Byzantine Empire which was getting weak.